Your Concierge Physician Encourages You To Plan for Safe Holiday Celebrations

October 28, 2020
Thanksgiving Dinner: Pass the COVID
The holidays are coming up fast. It is hard to imagine these holidays without our traditional family gatherings and meals.  We are all tired of the social isolation we have been complying with to prevent getting sick with COVID and spreading it.
I have had several patients talk to me about their family being mad about being asked to follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe. By planning ahead and communicating, hopefully you can have your family understand the importance of staying safe and  planning for safe celebrations.
COVID is still a danger. There are many hot spots around the country. Remember there are lots of people who spread the virus who feel perfectly fine. Locally we have done well because we all have been isolating, wearing masks and distancing.
Instead of increasing your risk of COVID during the holidays try:
Plan a Zoom or phone  meeting with family outside your immediate household.
Have the actual meal with only those you live with.
Have a virtual dinner and share recipes.
Write thank you letters to people in your life to be read on Thanksgiving.
Write out memories that can be read, emailed or put into a booklet.
Shop online.
Watch sports, parades or movies
Hunt the good stuff- look for the good and write down experiences of inspiration, beauty and goodness and share it online, by phone or by Zoom.
Scientists fear we will give into temptation, travel, and get together with others and spread COVID.  Let’s plan for safe holidays with those we love.
If you have an idea for holiday celebration that keeps us safe please share it.
As your concierge doctor I am available for your questions, comments and suggestions.