Your Concierge Doctor Would Like to Give You a Present of Onions

August 31, 2016

Homegrown, fresh onions taste fantastic! I was skeptical of this until we grew our own. I would like for you to experience incredible onions.

Onions are good for you. They help prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, protect the heart, increase bone density, decrease inflammation and prevent infection. Onions have been called the chef’s assistant”. Look through cookbook and you will see that almost any soup recipe and almost all recipes will have onions. It’s been said that there would be no cuisine without onions only food. Onions are not usually allergenic. They do not contain oxalates or purines so they can be enjoyed by those with gout and oxalate kidney stones. Onions contain a high concentration of polyphenol, quercetin, vitamin C, manganese, molybdenum, vitamin B6, fiber, folate and potassium.  Onions fresh from the garden are an incredible treat, raw or cooked.

I would like to enable you  to experience this healthy treat and teach you to grow onions yourself. As a gift to my patients, I will order onion plants and give them to you to plant and teach you how to grow them. In southern California  we plant the baby onion plants the beginning of December to harvest them around April. Onions grew well in sandy soil. If you have clay soil you want to mix your soil with peat or use containers for growing the onions. Please let me know by October 15 if you would like to have me order onions for you. I will order extra if you forget to RSVP.

As your concierge physician I encourage your comments, suggestions and questions. Please call me at 310-373-5566