Your Concierge Doctor Reminds You To Be Careful With On-line Insurance Company Doctor Lists and Fees

June 26, 2015

Online insurance companies’ lists of participating doctors are not always correct.  Last year 2 major insurance companies had lists of participating doctors that included one third of the doctors who were NOT on the plan.

I currently participate in most PPO plans and Medicare. I am not a part of ANY HMO, covered California or medi-caid (medi-cal in California).

Please call my office to verify if I participate with a specific insurance.

Some insurance companies are posting fees that are not correct, both too high and too low. Contracted doctors are paid their contracted rates and not some online fees.

If you have any questions about my fees please call my office.

Do NOT base any decision on the information you get online from insurance companies, check with the actual doctors’ office.

AS your concierge physician I welcome your suggestions, comments and questions.