Your Concierge Doctor Invites Families with Children ages 7 to 13 to FREE Nutrition and Fitness Classes

February 27, 2018

Free Kids Fitness program 1 Free Kids fitness torrance 2018

Torrance Memorial Lundquist Cardiovascular Institute, South Bay Children’s Health Center, The South Bay Galleria and and the YMCA are sponsoring FREE classes for families with children ages 7 to 13 to promote healthy lifestyle choices by providing useful information and practical tips through hands-on learning and fun activities.

Please note there are 2 locations, one in Torrance and one in Redondo Beach.

For more information contact 310-602-4905 for the YMCA program in Torrance and 310-517-4638 for the Redondo Beach program.

As your concierge physician I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.