Your Concierge Doctor Invites Diabetics to an Excellent FREE Educational Online Conference 2/27/2021 given by

February 5, 2021
WWW.TCOYD.ORG (take control of your diabetes) is a nonprofit started and run by my classmate from medical school, Dr. Edelman. He is diabetic and has written over 200 articles, 5 books and numerous videos on diabetes for doctors and patients. He is funny, engaging and smart. He is dressed up as the red head- check out what he really looks like at
If you have any diabetics in your life this group is fantastic and this free conference has very topical subjects as well as access to lots of diabetic products. Please pass the info along.
The group also does education for doctors if you know any doctors. Check out for more information and videos.

As your concierge physician I welcome you questions, comments and suggestions.