A Fun New Habit, Farmers Market

July 15, 2013

Summer is a great time to discover our local farmers markets. The produce is fresh and flavorful. Summer fruit includes apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, pluots, oranges, grapefruit, strawberry, cherry and kumquat.  You’ll find tomatoes, onions, beets, greens, chard, peppers, cucumber, radishes,  herbs and fresh garlic.

Pick up some flowers, plants, fresh eggs, bison, seafood, goat cheese, popcorn, olive oil, handmade chocolate, bread or ethnic food. There is something for everyone.

The food court has a variety to choose from if you are hungry or thirsty. The musicians make it a pleasant stop.

It is a fun field trip and you’ll eat healthier. You might bump into your friends or even  me.

The local markets are:

TORRANCE  Wilson Park 2200 Crenshaw

Tuesday 8 to 1 and Saturday 8 to 1

REDONDO BEACH    in front of Veterans Park

Thursday 8 to 1

RIVERA VILLAGE     intersection of Avenue I and Catalina

Friday 4 to 7 pm

HERMOSA BEACH      Valley Drive and 11 Street

Thursday 8 to 1

PV        Pen Center

Sunday 9 to 1

MANHATTAN BEACH         13 Street and Morningside Drive

Tuesday 11 to 5

EL SEGUNDO         El Segundo Plaza in front of Whole Foods

Wed 10 to 2