Your Concierge Physician Offers New Years Resolutions You Will Like- to help you feel fabulous

January 8, 2014

Most Americans say they feel more relaxed when the bedroom has a pleasant scent. Certain fragrances, like lavender or rose, can be relaxing or calming me and help to fall asleep. Try different scents and see if there is one that you enjoy and helps you relax. Make a resolution to explore fragrances and see if you feel  better.

Would you like to make it easier to lose weight? If you make it more difficult to get the food,  you will eat less. You can try putting the snack inside your drawer at work or sitting farther away from the food at the buffet. If you need to take the shells off of nuts or unwrap a piece of candy you will actually eat less than if the candy was unwrapped or the peanuts were already out of their shells. The more difficult that you make obtaining the food the less you will actually eat. Also the less variety that you have, the less you will eat. By putting the food away, and not being able to see the food, you will not be reminded of the food as often and eat less. Try making a resolution to put away the food you want to eat less of and see how it works.
With food being so abundant and so much of our social activities revolving around eating we need all the tricks we can use to keep from gaining weight.
Studies have also shown that people who began a meal with either a small one hundred calorie salad or a broth-based soup (not cream-based ) ate less calories overall compared with those who did not start with the soup or salad. Try a vegetable soup to increase your intake of vegetables. Either way, a salad or soup is a nutritious way to start your meal and to eat fewer calories overall.
Try making a resolution to start your meals with a soup or salad. As you eat your meal listen to your body and stop eating when you feel full. This may be an easy method of weight management for you.

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Happy New Year!