Your Concierge Doctor Has the Newly Recommended Prevnar Vaccine for patients 65 and older

November 26, 2014
There are two vaccines for pneumonia. The PPSV 23, PNEUMOVAX23, protects against 23 types of pneumococcus. This is the vaccine that we have been giving to everyone over 65 or those under 65 with immune problems, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, smokers or people who have had cancer.
The second pneumonia vaccine is PCV 13, PREVNAR 13. This vaccine protects against 13 types of the bacteria pneumococcus.
It is now recommended that all adult 65 years of age or older receive a dose of PCV 13 and PPSV 23.
If you have been vaccinated for pneumonia, you most likely had the PPSV 23. If you had this at least one year ago you should get PCV 13.
If you had not had any pneumonia vaccine it is recommended to first get the PCV 13 and wait at least  six months for the PPSV  23.
If you had the PPSV23 before you were 65 then it is recommended to get the PCV 13 at 65 and wait at least six months to get another PPSV23 ( provided it has been at least five years from the last PPSV 23).
Medicare is covering both pneumonia vaccines.
Pneumococcal pneumonia kills about 1 of 20 people who get it. Pneumococcus in the blood ( bacteremia) kills 1 in 5 people who get it and meningitis kills 3 in 10. Some strains of this bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. This makes prevention of the disease even more important.
Protect yourself with both vaccines if your are 65 or older or have health issues.
Please call for your appointment for your vaccine.
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