Your Concierge Physician Updates You on Covid 19 Vaccine Availability in LA County

January 15, 2021

The Los Angeles County Dept of Public Health has confirmed that in LA county vaccinations are for health care workers only. Vaccines will NOT be available for people age 65 and older until they complete vaccinations for health care workers. If you make an appointment you will be asked to show proof of being a healthcare worker Рa badge, paystub, license- and a photo ID. Vaccination centers are turning away those who are not health care  workers.If you want to sign up for email updates or more information please go to
Other counties have made different rules. If you live or work in a county other than Los Angeles please contact that health department. If you have a relative in a long term facility or retirement living facility they may have doses for family members. Please ask the facility.

Please wear your mask and stay home with the people you live with. There is lots of virus out there now and the hospitals are overflowing with COVID. Also please be extra careful so you do not end up in the ER with a laceration or fracture.

As your concierge doctor I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. Please stay safe.