Your Concierge Physician Sends and Update on COVID 19

April 3, 2020

To my patients,
I hope this email finds you safe and well.

Some new information since the previous email newsletter.

It now seems that even non-symptomatic patients without temperatures or cough can be contagious.

It is now being recommended that all people should be wearing masks to protect themselves as well as others when in public. This can be as simple as a handmade mask or covering.

Keep in mind the following recommendations:

Always keep in mind social distancing,recommending 6 feet away from others.

Try to make as few trips as possible to minimize exposure.

Be mindful of things like sanitizing your hands after getting gasoline or handling a credit card in stores.

Many people that I have talked to are feeling the strain of being apart from family and friends, often wanting to be there for them during these stressful times and events. While it is not an entire substitution for Face-to-face interactions, remember that keeping in touch with frequent telephone conversations can be very supportive and enriching. Technology has even made it possible for us to share Live video feeds through the telephone.

Please remember that as your concierge doctor I’m always there to answer questions for you for your calls as well as trying to update you as new information is available.