Your Concierge Doctor Wants to Help You Deal With The Corona Virus CoVid19

March 21, 2020
New events in the last four weeks have been both alarming and unprecedented. It is natural to be concerned about doing everything possible to stay well. The following are the most important things as presented by the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization:
Wash your hands for 20 seconds often
Cover your coughs and sneezes
Daily disinfect surfaces, light switches, doorknobs
Practice social distancing. Share Time with friends and loved ones through letters and telephone calls.
Take walks and hikes where you can avoid crowds.
Do as little shopping as possible and at places and when crowding is the least.
Stay home
Make a gratitude list
Call, write a letter or text a friend. Nice to reconnect with others
Many streaming services are offering their content for free. Try the Berlin Philharmonic, The Met Opera, Good Arts and Culture 500 Museums virtual tours, PBS
Many people would like to stock medications that would be helpful. Both antiviral medications and vaccinations are trying to be developed as rapidly as possible. One antiviral medication may be approved within weeks.
Many people have heard about the medicine plaquinil, a malaria treatment, which has significant and dangerous side effects.  However, it is not been approved for the virus and is essentially unavailable at the pharmacy. An infectious disease specialist or rheumatologist  would be the only doctors who can write prescriptions for this medication. If you are sick enough to need treatment please let me know or if you are having problems breathing call the emergency room first and then go to the emergency room.
Torrance Memorial Hospital has been preparing for patients with the virus. Elective surgery, MRI and xrays have been postponed. No visitors are allowed. There is extra Emergency Room extension for the extra load.
As your concierge physician I welcome your questions and concerns. Please stay save and stay home.