Your Concierge Doctor Gives an Update on COVID 19

July 23, 2020
I wanted to  update my patients with new information as more is developing with the challenges of the coronavirus.
First, I wanted to say how grateful and proud I am of all of you who have adjusted and made wise decisions in light of the virus. We have worked together to ensure your best health while at the same time minimizing your exposure to potential risks. As you know, I have made alterations in the office including air filtration for everyone’s safety. I have made arrangements to follow up with you by telephone to address any issues that may arise. I have also organized phlebotomy services that can come to your home when needed to  minimize exposure. Of course when it’s in your best interest I am always available to you.
We have all had to deal with the challenges  both emotionally and logistically in this changing world of 2020. I am both proud and grateful that very few patients have had serious consequences of the virus. I am thankful for your cooperation.
I also believe it’s important to update all of you on new developments as we deal with the novel coronavirus. First more research has come out that shows that chloroquine and plaquenil are not helpful in treatment or prevention of COVID. More research has shown that Resdemivir is proving to be a useful medication for treatment of the virus. On another good note, the development of vaccines are showing promise, yet will take many months before they will be available. I will keep you posted.
As most of you are aware, the prevalence of the virus has not been drastically reduced. We must all continue to be aware and diligent until this challenge is behind us. As always thank you for your diligence and understanding. I will continue to check in with you and I’m always available to you for your needs.
Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face.
Stay safe.
As your concierge physician I welcome your comments and questions.