Your Concierge Physician shares healthy soup recipes

October 14, 2013


We found a very nice heirloom garlic at Costco and Sam’s Club last week. It is
called Monviso. We made a healthy garlic soup with it. We diced up about a
dozen garlic cloves and put it in 4 cups of water along with the Bayleaf and
two leaves of sage and some thyme. After that cooks for about 45  minutes I took out the sage and Bayleaf and
whipped up some egg and added the egg to the soup.  It was a nice creamy soup without the cream.
The garlic had a consistency of mashed potatoes. One batch we added a little
bit of chicken broth. I think this will be even better as we get into the cold
weather for winter.

Another soup that I have been enjoying that is very healthy also uses egg for
thickener. We chop up onion, celery and carrots. We put that in a large pot
with chicken broth and chicken and rice. After that has cooked we mix up egg
with lemon juice. We add the hot broth to the bowl of egg and lemon juice and
then transfer that back into the soup. It is so good. Recipes on the Internet
call for flower and margarine but I have left them out and I love this soup.
This is actually a classic Greek lemon rice soup. I never get tired of this

If you have a favorite healthy recipe please share it with me.

As your concierge physician, I encourage you to eat healthy and tasty foods. If you have questions please call me at 310 373-5566.