July 21, 2021

Your Concierge Doctor Warns of COVID Infection Surge

COVID vaccines prevent death and severe disease but some vaccinated people are still getting covid. Unvaccinated are at high risk now with the more contagious delta variant. The covid hospitalizations and deaths are going back up again with the restrictions being lifted.
When with unvaccinated or with a lot of people please wear your mask. Remember you are most likely to catch it through breathing the sick person’s exhaled breath and their droplets and secretions. If you are with people singing, yelling, talking, exercising, or breathing hard it is more risky. Indoors is more risky. Protect yourself and wear a mask.Don’t forget to wash your hands.If you develop symptoms get tested for COVID. Several urgent care centers offer drive up testing. It is a good idea to have a thermometer and oxymeter at home. You can buy a pulse oxymeter to measure oxygen in the blood for around $30 at a pharmacy or online.