Sheriff Doc Griffith Offers Protection From the Flu Virus

January 9, 2017

This is Sheriff Griffith.  In these parts I am known as Doc Griffith. I am here to protect you against that outlaw flu virus. The flu virus would like to infect you, make you really sick and kill you. Every year    approximately 50,000 people die from flu in the US.
I am here to protect you. I have the high dose flu vaccine for my over 65 gang and the quadrivalent vaccine for those under 65. No preservatives in either.

I am the fastest shot in town.

If you have a fever, aches, dry cough, headache, sore throat you probably have the flu. Make sure you call me for treatment as soon as you think you have the flu.

Don’t forget to get your flu shot from the fast shot in town.
Best to get your flu shot every year.

Call the office for your appointment

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